Drapieżny ssak z rodziny kotów…

Same soul / different clothes

I want to know

the recipe

of your suffering


rain falls in shards

as I descend in step

with listening waves

at once hidden in shrub, at once outside, drawn from the sun


The beach silenced, drawing clouds

prompt waves to stubbornly resound

we – not speaking the tongue – remain

and now, the deluge

speaks: now, now, now;

threatening to wash us

back into ourselves

as we struggle uphill

to a comfortable familiar.


The separation of church and state


In separation of church and state

I’ll be the church

and when you come back with ‘wherein shall I worship?’

I say, ‘I’m only after your money’


Soft     easy     white-

Unlike heaven,

Life demands hard lines

Even when there is no such thing


The note you left me fits in my hand

They always do

But I want to step off your palm up your sleeve

and emerge out of your trouser-leg








1. Tell me the difference between thinking and doing

Mine be the thinkers
mourners, mourning the dead
all the dead and

everything that has ever been
throughout the universe
since the beginning of time.

We mourn like monks
we mourn so hard
we are phobic of the living

2. The human body

The body is strange
have you ever noticed?
there is water coming out of it all over the place
nose, mouth, sex, eyes, skin
myself leaving myself behind for you to find

When I think of you, sometimes
water fills my eyes and rolls down my cheeks
then my mouth becomes dry
and I must pour water in
until I am filled

3. Wet and dry

I am sorting out the words into wet and dry
like ‘salt’, a dry word
Salt, and ‘hate’.
‘Love’ is a wet word
like ‘tomato’
and ‘saline’.