Mushrooms squeaking in a field of teeth


there is no such word as unseeing
but I wish there were.

Angor animi
killing each other
what’s that all about filling and killing?

youre teeth are hard
youre about to learn
something about me youre
about to learn something
about me.

tring   first dust

go on, last post
bed post
dogs on the floor
pick up that wrapper
it says ‘switch/solo’
I did that.

there is no such word as   but
maybe not.


days left nothing to imagination
dear, dear, what could the matter be?
Stand in the pined crater
where bombs fell
kaboom, and the trees sunk down wounded there
I can still hear your voice from my window
burrow into my ears like pellets
burrow my ears into pillows to
drown you out
drown myself in that
world to escape
and now
I can’t get out of it.

Your orchestras
Flick my ears with military marches
slick military tactics
sick honours
sick stoicism
sick deities

let’s shoot at cats
let’s shoot a squirrel
let’s shoot
because it passes the time.

vengeance is important
I nearly asked you in the car
on the way back from church
before I had made my own mind
through my experiments to
tease the brink of life
and tease your god.

And I think
I can take the ladder off the door now
because this is not working.
god’s love, my death.


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