the edited trouser press (or: three short, three long, three short)

I'm the only one-detail
tumbling down


I feel like

the world is

going to end


let me preemptively put my trousers on
incase someone comes to the door
I like to
s-i-t in the bed
and look out of the broken glass
in the warmth and the sweat
you bring me coffee
and tell me to write
and that makes me feel encouraged
even though

I don’t mind, though.

I am not worried
because it doesn’t matter
the point is to do it
and it doesn’t matter
how it is done
and whether it is new
or old
or whether somebody likes it

Before I go to sleep
My Heart beats extra big
jellyfish volumes of blood
swooshing all over my capillaries
I usually sit up then
andtake a big breath in
all the way down to the
cemetary at the bottom of my lungs
cough out the dust that lines the pillars
and the stones lying there.
and think something new.

We are all men.
They were.
That’s all.


sandy looked at jim
and said why can’t you
be more like henry


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