horse1. Hermes is a liar

He said
The poet is Champ champs
The poet trumps philosopher
The poet is great great
greater than the ordinary man

The poet sees what others don’t

No, no-
We all see it

But some of us are too wretched
too illiterate
too hungry
too stoned
too honest
to sit and sculpt a pretty turn of phrase.

2. Dream Transition no.2

I went to the doctor and said
I feel sick
The doctor
Put his finger in my mouth
and said
You are very hot.
You must go to bed
And stay there for
Tthe next three years.

3. Things on standby seem to shake.

I think I emerged from a rock that fell from space
Balanced is a word that I would not use
nor anyone else
to describe myself.
I have been here since the beginning of time
I was not born but
I seem to die a little each day.

4. забранено

Am I stupid?

I feel stupid.

I am stupid.

I must be.


There is some delightfully cute
folly in American war poetry.
Much as I love to pretend I know
I won’t talk apply my English to that.

6. Notes on a soapy dish

Spreadeagle on a grubby sunshine-grated towel
I saw myself in you
I see my envy
I see ivy in you renewing.

Your place in this world is certain
But god help you
if anyone finds out
that you’re cracked.


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