Note to my publisher

I don’t want to be that

sad spinster in the attic

parallelograms of sunshine dissecting

her heart’s labour

over which she sips tea and dips biscuit

carelessly and now there are

crumbs all over the page



he hit the bed like a hammer
he hit the bed like a hammer


See sunglasses

under drenched duvet sky

over there on the right

they lie in the dirt, amputated

your new eyes open and close like

moth wings in take-off

and when you get bigger

everything gets smaller, shorter

dim under a curtain of cerebral privilege.

Then, I hear the sparkles in my cup

singing as if it was the first time.




boo hoo in moon units
boo hoo / moon units

We were talking about you

we were doing impressions of cats
and I did an impression of you
as a cat
picking up the phone
in that voice you always use
when you pick up the phone
So afraid
Do you know that you sound afraid
when you pick up?

I see your eyes like dinnerplates when you say hello that way.

I get the sensation that I ought to be doing something

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Mushrooms squeaking in a field of teeth


there is no such word as unseeing
but I wish there were.

Angor animi
killing each other
what’s that all about filling and killing?

youre teeth are hard
youre about to learn
something about me youre
about to learn something
about me.

tring   first dust

go on, last post
bed post
dogs on the floor
pick up that wrapper
it says ‘switch/solo’
I did that.

there is no such word as   but
maybe not.

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Vonnegut /ˈvänəgu̇t/ (adj.) 1. virtuous, hilarious, irreverent.

The sun shines out of our behinds

Inspiringly self-assured, Kurt Vonnegut, author of one of my favourite books (The Slaughterhouse Five, if you must know), has taught many writers how to write; or rather, instructed them as to how plot can unfold. As mundane and repetitive that storytelling may seem from this video, there is clearly more to it, and they are other ways of closing the trap door. As you know.

Vonnegut also said the most wonderful thing that I hold close to my heart when I am too tired to do anything but watch youtube clips of my favourite Men of Letters:

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