His face, a three quarter moon

We're off to dismantle an autocratic regime
We’re off to dismantle an autocratic regime

The Atlantic this month says that there are few books about women that are not about their love lives. I know this is a big topic to start on, but I have just jotted down a few thoughts on it. Probably, I will never revisit it.

Scanning my book piles (and piles, and piles some more; book piles is a literary affliction that is caused by sitting on one’s ass reading to excess), from what I can presently see most of the books are about men. For fiction and non-fiction alike – that’s just the way the genitals crumble. I ought to count up those whose subjects are people, however I will estimate as I have just been running and I’m actually mid-post-run-eating, feeling pretty lazy. So my sample, as follows, is a teetering sixteen books.

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