I like to run, on foot or on wheels
The first person I
saw in my life I
probably never saw again
or maybe it was all a blur
because babies can’t see anyway
and I wasn’t born with glasses on
and who cares because I forgot it all anyway


it looked painful

WP_20150206_001 (2)

They sweat, those standing around
the hole in the pavement, gasping
There is one in a digger with his arm
shuddering, cascading against mud and sometimes against rock

We paused around the tape
voyeurs gaping at the wound, protruding
pipe-ends like butchered veins
and those men’s solemn faces,
pillaging the bones of the earth.


he hit the bed like a hammer
he hit the bed like a hammer


See sunglasses

under drenched duvet sky

over there on the right

they lie in the dirt, amputated

your new eyes open and close like

moth wings in take-off

and when you get bigger

everything gets smaller, shorter

dim under a curtain of cerebral privilege.

Then, I hear the sparkles in my cup

singing as if it was the first time.



Just lovely.


I saw WWIII in your eyes last night
You were eating a lasagne.
It will make everybody speak
(They already talk)

There will be nothing better to do.

It is satisfying to cut a cube into columns
Pantomime layers to raze
Breathing in green trees
My throat ticks metronomic.

I saw butterfly, I see baby wolf

This is childish. It is spring and I saw a little wolfish dog ambling around aimlessly, then a butterfly flew into my face. Then again I prefer to talk about the modern menace and the inevitability of omnicide, which is such folly to worry about. That little dog is oblivious, and certainly not unique in that respect. Lucky him, e?

baby sure is a useful word, she mused in false irony

Undazed we drove to work
and hung the crags and
begs of the little town

we pet a baby wolf
…a baby wolf

Baby wolf
I see you walking
pissin on a pile of straw

sniff the air:
ne’er a fire burnt
by the wheel

to the left it blew the
billoween starling-wraith
magnetic fold in-oh

you meet obtuse
your shadow grew as
spired light fades and dies.

One day soon the world will end,
for you (/kaboom) baby
But this is the legacy of god.

I witness skin begin to stir
in curtain come translucent light

truth: no love but mess and
blood is the legacy of god.

Don’t ask me what I want
I don’t want anything.

What’s so special about my birth and death baby?
it happens to us all.


boo hoo in moon units
boo hoo / moon units

We were talking about you

we were doing impressions of cats
and I did an impression of you
as a cat
picking up the phone
in that voice you always use
when you pick up the phone
So afraid
Do you know that you sound afraid
when you pick up?

I see your eyes like dinnerplates when you say hello that way.

I get the sensation that I ought to be doing something

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