Vonnegut /ˈvänəgu̇t/ (adj.) 1. virtuous, hilarious, irreverent.

The sun shines out of our behinds

Inspiringly self-assured, Kurt Vonnegut, author of one of my favourite books (The Slaughterhouse Five, if you must know), has taught many writers how to write; or rather, instructed them as to how plot can unfold. As mundane and repetitive that storytelling may seem from this video, there is clearly more to it, and they are other ways of closing the trap door. As you know.

Vonnegut also said the most wonderful thing that I hold close to my heart when I am too tired to do anything but watch youtube clips of my favourite Men of Letters:

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world, What a (600.13)

I refuse to comment on such things as the death of Thatcher. Her death has been going on this week. Far be it from me to comment on the whole sordid affair, because really there has been no need now, and noone outside of the UK cared in the slightest anyway. I will now attempt to illustrate, though, for the sake of posterity, what goes on in the wake of such an event of a figure that divides an audience so we don’t have to alienate our acquaintances via social media with our uninformed, irrelevant, agenda-driven and idiotic opinions when it happens again.

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