Kashka from Baghdad

I am listening to a lot of Kate Bush. She’s what one might call The Man. Except she’s The Woman. For a woman with a squeaky voice, she has balls. Or, to continue the feminist theme, she has ovaries… big ones, full of eggs.

IMG_7823I only heard Kashka from Baghdad for the first time last week. It is said (but who knows, the things that people are known to say!) that it is about a gay couple. Whether this is true or not, generally Bush writes about alienation very well – here, she sings as an outsider herself, observing Kashka and his/her feller, seemingly concluding that the pair have realised true happiness with each other even though they live their lives outside of society. (Incidentally, Kashka can be a girl’s name too, which is why I’m not sure if it really is about a gay couple. But then, Kashka also means a kind of mushy food in Polish, which provides another obvious statement about the song.*)

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Some infantile questions about economics.

I attempted to get an early night tonight, but as you can see I am still awake.

hot or not?

My semi-slumber reverie was arrested due to the most troubling of domestic issues. Nothing romantic, but the issue of domestic servitude, although perhaps that does it for some folks. Not me unfortunately – or fortunately, as is my current opinion. What I am getting at is this: I forgot to put the laundry on.

This idiotic internal monologue which I have been compelled to share with you was my mind’s homage to my current literary beau, Nikolai Gogol. His work has given me a rudimentary insight into the machinations of the feudal system in the days of the Russian Empire. And what a handsome man he was to boot: Nikolai Gogol there, with his cane and his dark, mysterious brow, twinned most pleasingly with the bristles of his triangular moustache (this is what happens when I do housework. It’s a cry for help.) Continue reading